About us

INOVSTRA is an independent consulting company, specialized in the support of businesses of all sizes for the definition and the implementation of their strategies. INOVSTRA can work on:

  • Aid for business strategic management, especially for SMEs, very small businesses and start-ups for which INOVSTRA has special offers;
  • Funding, deployment and exploitation of innovation;
  • The analysis of French and export markets in the defence and security field.
  • The Organization and monitoring of complex or private public projects including in the field of systems of systems.

INOVSTRA is preferentially acting in the field of innovation, technology development and marketing for French and international public markets.

INOVSTRA offers its services mainly in sectors with strong technological content, as the Aeronautics and space, defence and security sectors.

INOVSTRA has developed an important network in the field of defence, aeronautics, space and innovation.

INOVSTRA has established partnerships with many other consulting firms to complement its offerings.

INOVSTRA also has access to an international network in Europe and in the US.

INOVSTRA is based on strong skills:

  • Technical skills: Aeronautics, space, missile defence systems architecture.
  • Transverse skills: markets, business management, financial management, production management, competency management.

“INOVSTRA offers a reactive service appropriate to your situation.”

Our Services

PME / Startup

For SMEs and start-ups, INOVSTRA offers a tailored service to implement and monitor the strategy of a company who wishes to address the defence and security market or rebuild its product policy with current technological developments.

INOVSTRA proposes including in its offer:

  • Realization of fast strategic audits
  • Marketing studies
  • International prospective studies
  • R & T and innovation strategy
  • Launch of future products
  • Industrial strategy
  • Public funding strategy
  • Lobbying

INOVSTRA adapts its services and its offer to the situation of the company.

INOVSTRA can acts alone or in collaboration with its network depending on the situation.

Expertise stratégique

INOVSTRA offers many capabilities for rapid and targeted expertise in business strategy, management of complex programmes in all phases, organization of R & T and innovation.

INOVSTRA may act for the benefit of private companies or public agencies:

  • International marketing studies
  • Prospective studies
  • R & T strategy (better targeting and better financing)
  • Innovation strategy (organisation, breakthrough management)
  • Future product launch
  • Industrial strategy
  • Lobbying (defence, industry, European body, NATO)

INOVSTRA acts alone or in collaboration with other consulting companies to provide the best offer with regard to the need and the situation of the client.

Formation et accompagnement

INOVSTRA uses its know-how to carry out training sessions in the field strategic, technical and public environment


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Our references

INOVSTRA relies on the 30 years of experience in aeronautics, defence and security of Jean-Pierre DEVAUX, former Strategy Director of the French Armament procurement administration.

Our Address

106 rue de Lourmel
75015 Paris, France


Contact Details

Mail : jean-pierre.devaux@inovstra.fr

Phone : +33 (0)6 08 06 35 38

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